Will Marvel Never Learn? Rumors Suggest a Gender Swap for Silver Surfer for 'Fantastic Four' Film


Marvel Studios is coming off a massive box office failure with its latest release, “The Marvels,” a female-led effort that has cinched the record for the biggest second-weekend box office drop in history. One would think the studio would take a moment to reflect on its current strategy of trying to make the MCU into the M-She-U and why it’s not working out so well. The Disney-owned studio has been pushing a lot of wokeness in recent projects, including television shows streaming on Disney +, none of which have been a true success. 

A lot of talk is circulating that the reason for the lackluster response to Marvel’s latest material is superhero movie fatigue. That could be playing a bit role in the disinterest from viewers; there’s so much material coming out that you have to watch to keep up with the overall interconnectedness of the film universe that it’s overwhelming. 

However, I believe the lion’s share of Marvel Studios’ failure has to do with shoving the feminist agenda down the throats of its audience, which doesn’t work because the core audience is men. Male comic book fans don’t want to watch project after project with female lead characters — here and there,

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