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As expected, conservative Christians are up in arms over yet another gay Hallmark Christmas film.  And as expected, pro-LGBT people and their allies are up in arms over conservative Christians being up in arms over it. Talk about algorithms subsuming the human psyche!

So while Hallmark Christmas movies may never contradict Christian morals, they really have little to do with an Incarnational sensibility.

Many Christians were outraged with Hallmark for giving into “secular culture” upon the release of its first gay Christmas movie, The Christmas House, in 2020. For them, the Hallmark channel was one of the last vestiges of “Christian values.” And what values are those, exactly? Contrived, recycled plotlines? Mediocre writing? D-list acting? No offense to devout Christian actors like Lacey Chabert and Candace Cameron Bure, but the only thing remotely Christian about these films are the fact that they don’t blatantly transgress Christian moral sensibilities. (READ MORE from Stephen Adubato: Be Ethnic: What Schomburg and de Pareja Teach Us About Identity)

As Hans Fiene points out,

In a theological sense, the Hallmark Channel is not a Christian broadcasting network.

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