When Is Enough Enough? Creepy Joe Biden Flirts with a Little Girl: 'I Love Your Ears!'


When I was a kid in Detroit, the men in the neighborhood beat up pedophiles. Then the cops were called. Today, a long history of touching kids — much of it caught on video — gets you a term in the White House.

FACT-O-RAMA! Gropey Joe Biden’s daughter Ashley left a diary in a rehab house that mentioned her taking “probably not appropriate” showers with her dad when she was a kid. She also mentions believing she was molested as well but can’t recall the details.

Joe Biden, or perhaps his obvious dementia, went down the creepy lane yet again.

Biden took a moment from a Thanksgiving event at Norfolk Naval Station to “flirt” with a young girl.

“I love your ears,” the groomer-in-chief opened. “I love them. They’re really cool. What’s your name?”

PEDO-RAMA!  As a kid, we were told child groomers would offer us candy or ask us to help find a lost puppy. We were never warned a potential kiddie-diddler would compliment our ears.

Biden then continues his revolting game by asking the girl her name.

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