WH Denounces Some Democrat Protesters Calling Biden 'Genocide Joe'


The White House strongly denounced young Democrat protesters referring to President Joe Biden as “Genocide Joe” for his staunch support of Israel in its fight against Hamas.

Speaking with New York Post reporter Steve Nelson, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby called the nickname “Genocide Joe” inappropriate while standing on the side of free speech.

“We’re not worried about nicknames and bumper stickers. I mean, it’s First Amendment free speech. The president’s focused on … making sure that we can continue to support Israel as they fight a terrible terrorist group, Hamas,” Kirby said.

Kirby said that the term “genocide” has been misapplied, given that Hamas wants the extermination of Jews.

“People can say what they want on the sidewalk, and we respect that. That’s what the First Amendment is about. But this word genocide is getting thrown around in a pretty inappropriate way by lots of different folks,” he said.

“What Hamas wants, make no mistake about it, is genocide. They want to wipe Israel off the map. They’ve said so publicly on more than one occasion, in fact, just recently. And they’ve said that they’re not going to stop,” he added.

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