We Can't Afford Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro's Infighting Over Israel


We all laughed as the Democrats looked like they were going to split their party in half over the Israeli-Palestinian war. It was almost farcical watching liberal leaders take a stance that at times looked to favor the Hamas terrorists. Nothing on that level is happening with Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro, yet it’s threatening to tear a fissure in our conservative movement heading into the 2024 election. We can’t afford the infighting.  

As much as Shapiro brands himself as a man of “facts and logic,” he opened with a line of personal attack rather than countering her points, calling Owens “absolutely disgraceful” and stating that her points on the issues were “faux-sophistication,” attacking her rather than her arguments. Likewise, Owens has now entered the same arena, calling Shapiro “emotionally unhinged.”

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None of this helps the conservative movement. Both Shapiro and Owens have been instrumental in reaching a younger crowd with their messaging and converting different demographics to the cause. Their fracturing only serves to hurt us at a time when we must be more united than ever.  

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