WATCH: Mavericks' Kyrie Irving Shows Up to Postgame Presser Wearing Palestinian Keffiyeh


Dallas Mavericks star Kyrie Irving sparked controversy after showing up to Saturday’s postgame press conference wearing a Palestinian keffiyeh.

The Mavericks star, who claimed to be a “committed” Muslim in 2021, wore the black and white checkered headgear despite having no cultural connection to the Palestinians as he spoke about the game.

Irving did not make any verbal statements about the garment, offer any reasons for wearing it, or speak to any political situations around the world.

Kyrie Irving highlighted some defensive breakdowns by the Dallas Mavericks, resulting in open 3s for timely makes by the Milwaukee Bucks:

“We did a good job coming out of halftime with that energy and verve we normally have. We were playing good defensive principals, and they…

— Grant Afseth (@GrantAfseth) November 19, 2023

He was also seen wearing the keffiyeh as he entered the arena.

Kyrie Irving Palestinian keffiyeh 🇵🇸

— Bass (@BassAmorah) November 19, 2023

Neither the team nor the NBA made any statements about Irving’s display.

But Irving has made no real mistake that he supports Hamas and not Israel after the terror organization went on an inhuman spree of rape,

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