WATCH: Israeli Hip-Hop Duo Celebrates IDF, Calls out 'Bella Hadid, Dua Lipa, Mia Khalifa'


JERUSALEM, Israel — A new song, “Harbudarbu,” by Israeli hip-hop duo Ness Ve Stilla, celebrates the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) while calling out Hamas, Hezbollah, and an array of anti-Israel celebrities.

The song has taken off since its release in Israel, and represents the deep support that the Israeli military has among the public. The chorus name-checks virtually every major unit in the IDF: “Golani, Nahal, Shirion [armor], Givati, Navy, Air Force, Artillery, Paratroopers,” and a variety of others.

The track also refers specifically to the victims of the October 7 terror attack, and hints at revenge, including writing the names of child victims on shells to be dropped on Hamas in Gaza.

Stilla, the male of the duo includes a Biblical reference, referring to Hamas terrorists as bnei Amalek (“sons of Amalek”), an allusion to the book of Deuteronomy, which Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has also cited, and which refers to an evil group that must be destroyed.

In one whimsical passage, Ness raps:

All the girls stare at the soldiers
And that guy on the news suddenly seems handsome to me (smash)
They shout at me,

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