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Top Biden Official Raises Eyebrows By 'lobbying' Former Agency After Leaving Government, Watchdog Says


A former top Biden administration official is being scrutinized as the latest example of the “revolving door” of political appointees shuttling between government and outside special interests by allegedly lobbying her former agency shortly after leaving her position.

Clare McCann, who served as a senior policy adviser in the U.S. Department of Education for over a year, is now a “higher education fellow” with Arnold Ventures, a limited liability corporation. In that capacity, she wrote to the department, pushing for it to implement policy changes that could have a profound effect on online education.

However, McCann, who first had been appointed in the spring of 2021, left her Biden administration post last August, just seven months earlier. Her quick turnaround from working for the Department of Education to seeking to influence its policies from the outside caught the attention of a conservative watchdog group.

“When politicians wonder why Americans don’t trust Washington, people like Clare McCann are exactly why,” Tom Jones, president of the American Accountability Foundation (AAF), told Fox News Digital. “She served in a senior role in the Department of Education in one of its most politicized offices for a year and a half and then parlayed that job into a position with a special interest group to lobby on the issues she used to regulate. 

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