Thousands Protest in Jerusalem After 5-Day March for Release of Hostages


JERUSALEM, Israel — Thousands of demonstrators gathered on the street outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office on Saturday evening to demand that the Israeli government ensure the return of the more than 200 hostages taken by Hamas.

Many, including the families of some of the hostages, had marched for five days from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, braving rain and rocket attacks, and sleeping in tents, to demonstrate their determination to pursue the safe return of their loved ones from Gaza.

“These aren’t just pictures; these aren’t just faces; these aren’t just names. They’re our hearts,” said Yuval Haran, whose mother, Shoshan, was kidnapped.

A recent Times of Israel profile noted that she has devoted her life to helping African farmers:

Haran is the founder of Fair Planet, an internationally acclaimed farming project that over the last decade has enabled tens of thousands of previously impoverished farmers to earn a good living while providing an estimated million Africans with a reliable source of food. The project has been growing steadily in Ethiopia, Tanzania and Rwanda and has the potential to expand exponentially to many more millions suffering from hunger. Now, with Haran being held hostage,

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