The Violent Trans Attacks You Won't Hear About


You likely didn’t hear about Matthew Temael, the 23-year-old transgender dude who goes by the prairie-fairylicious moniker “Dandelion.”

Temael was arrested in September for allegedly stabbing Flordia man Louis Stackhouse to death, ransacking his mobile home, torching it, and swiping the dead man’s car. He was pulled over during a traffic stop and arrested after trying to escape.

Initial media reports somehow missed Tamael’s Trantifa identity (perhaps it was the mustache). The Post Millenial was the first to report that Tamael walked like a woman but talked like a man — c-h-o-l-a — chola.

Tamael was charged with first-degree arson, first-degree homicide, burglary, and grand theft auto. A judge denied him bail. That’s when his Marxist friends jumped to his defense.

Check out their “Free Dandelion” page, replete with pinko buzzwords like “comrade” as well as mentioning the mandatory race and “trans” labels necessary to be a modern-day useful idiot:

We are a committee seeking to free our incarcerated comrade, Dandelion. We are starting this fund to help provide for some of the needs of our most marginalized comrades in this campaign as well as to cover expenses related with the campaign,

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