Thanksgiving Inflation Gobbling Up Americans’ Money


You’re going to need a lot of green stuff this Thanksgiving, and I don’t mean peas and lettuce. Thanks to the turkey in the White House, inflation on traditional Thanksgiving foods is higher than tempers after your uncle from L.A. introduces politics at the dinner table.

Craig Bannister reported for Media Research Center’s CNSNews on Nov. 15 that the “Cost of Traditional Thanksgiving Food Items Rising Faster than Overall Inflation.” If you thought your last trip to the grocery store was expensive, wait until you stock up for Turkey Day. The good news is that Sleepy Joe Biden with his mashed potatoes for brains won’t be suffering from any of the extra expenses his policies have created for Americans!

Despite what the Biden administration and its media lackeys try to claim, inflation is not slowing down. The rate of inflation allegedly slowed down this month and this year, as the U.S. Inflation Calculator estimated, which included data from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Consumer Price Index (CPI-U). So you’re still paying more, even if prices are increasing at a less rapid rate. But it seems that inflation hasn’t slowed for Thanksgiving foods this year.

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