Sunday Thoughts: The True Heroic Calling


We all go through a period as kids when we want to be a superhero or some sort of heroic fictional character. I used to want to be James Bond — sometimes I still do.

Even as adults, we sometimes aspire to be heroic in some way. But what would you think if I told you that the truly heroic act is to live your normal, run-of-the-mill life for Christ?

I’ve read enough Christian motivational books — generally aimed at Christian men — that try to motivate us to imagine ourselves as heroes. I’m not alone. 

“I’ve had my fill reading books and listening to Christian leaders talk about taking the mountain and fighting the dragon,” writes BetterMan’s Chris Harper in an email. “Many of us have run after proverbial mountains and dragons for so long that we’ve forgotten it is the steps of man that God establishes.”

We’re not necessarily called to fulfill these overdramatic expectations. God doesn’t call all of us to live lives like the great heroes and martyrs of the faith. 

“We’ve been chasing dragons all the while missing the dragons right in front of us,” Harper continues.

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