Some Harvard Students not Consulted About Pro-Terror Statement


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Some Harvard students say they were not consulted or given the chance to voice their disagreement before their student organizations signed a pro-terror joint statement in response to the October 7 attacks against Israel by the Palestinian terror group Hamas.

Harvard law student Mohini Tangri took to X/Twitter, to say that “many members had no say in whether their [organizations] signed” the letter, adding, “Many weren’t even notified that their [organizations] were considering doing so.”

Meanwhile, Harvard student Danielle Mikaelian publicly resigned from her position on the board of a student organization that signed the statement, saying she was not aware that her organization had agreed to sign it.

“As a board member of a Harvard group that signed the statement on Israel, I think it was egregious and have resigned from my role,” Harvard student Danielle Mikaelian wrote in an X/Twitter post.

Mikaelian has since gone private on the platform, meaning only people already following her can see her tweets.

Billionaire hedge fund manager Bill Ackman— who urged employers to consider which student groups their future applicants from Harvard were members of, so that they don’t “inadvertently” hire pro-terror graduates in the future — said he takes Mikaelian for her word.

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