Senate GOP Looking to Circumvent Sen. Tuberville's Blockade of Military Promotions


Senate Republicans are preparing to vote on a Democratic resolution to end Alabama Sen. Tommy Tuberville’s blockade of military promotions over the Pentagon’s willingness to give travel vouchers to military personnel who want an abortion.

The issue pits populist anti-abortion lawmakers against defense hawks who claim that the blocking of 400 promotions is affecting our readiness and war-fighting capability. 

Tuberville says he’s been trying to reach some kind of compromise with the Pentagon, but the brass aren’t budging on the issue. They may very well be under orders from the White House not to compromise, given the importance of the abortion issue to Democratic voters.

Democrats, along with some Republicans have fashioned a resolution that would change the Senate rules and allow a floor vote on the approximately 400 officers whose promotions have been blocked by Tuberville’s blockade.

John Ullyot, a Republican strategist and former National Security Council spokesman during the Trump administration, said, “Republicans, especially Republicans on the Armed Services Committee, are feeling enormous pressure from their constituents on approving military promotions.” 

“This is something that they’re hearing about from their constituents and there is a sense of urgency… to break this logjam,” he said.  

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