Poll: Trump Leads Biden in Florida, Even Among 'Non-Binary' Voters


Former President Trump leads President Biden in Florida, including among “non-binary” voters, the latest FAU/Mainstream Research poll found.

The survey, taken October 27 to November 11, among 946 Florida adults registered to vote, asked all voters, “If the election for President were held today, and the candidates were Joe Biden and Donald Trump, which candidate would you support?”

Overall, 49 percent said they would support Trump, and Biden came ten points behind with 39 percent support. Ten percent said “other,” and two percent remain undecided.

📊 2024 Florida GE: FAU Poll

(R) Trump 49% (+10)
(D) Biden 39%

(R) DeSantis 47% (+8)
(D) Biden 39%

Job Approval
Gov. DeSantis: 50-49 (+1)
President Biden: 36-62 (-26)

n=946 | 10/27-11/11 | MoE: ±3.2% https://t.co/vcvgbQhEgm pic.twitter.com/uFiDkMkZrn

— InteractivePolls (@IAPolls2022) November 16, 2023

A closer look at the figures show Trump leading Biden by 23 points among males and coming within striking distance of reaching Biden among female voters, garnering 40 percent to Biden’s 42 percent. This survey also chose to include “non-binary” voters and surprisingly found Trump edging out Biden in this demographic,

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