Myron Sugarman – The Untold Stories of the Jewish Mob


The Untold Stories of the Jewish Mob: Myron Sugarman’s Chronicles on The Roger Stone Show

In a riveting episode of “The Roger Stone Show,” Roger Stone welcomes Myron Sugarman, the author of “Chronicles of the Last Jewish Gangster,” a man with deep ties to the Jewish mob and a rich history of patriotism. Sugarman provides a fascinating glimpse into organized crime and its unexpected role in shaping critical historical events.

Sugarman, a second-generation member of the Jewish mob, shares stories of his father’s close associations with prominent figures like Meyer Lansky and delves into the mob’s involvement in combating anti-Semitism and aiding the creation of the state of Israel. His narrative spans from the rise of anti-Semitism in the 1930s to his involvement in underground activities in South America.

What stands out in this interview is the tales of the Jewish and Italian mob’s cooperation with federal officials during World War II and Sugarman’s reflections on the nature of power and politics. He candidly discusses the government’s role and the hypocrisy he has witnessed, offering a unique perspective on historical and current events.

Myron Sugarman’s appearance on The Roger Stone Show brings to light the lesser-known yet significant contributions of the Jewish mob to historical events.

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