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They say honesty is a virtue, and that’s the truth. In the deepest sense, being honest means seeing the world as it actually is and not pretending that what is, isn’t, or that what isn’t, is.  What makes that a virtue?  It allows clear-sighted individuals and whole societies to meet the many challenges that confront them. How can one expect to deal effectively with reality if one isn’t willing to see it for what it is? The ancients called this prudence.

So why would anyone want to suppress free thought and expression? People who can think for themselves can’t be controlled.

That makes dishonesty a vice, a misguided attempt to fake and out-fox reality. It’s a fool’s errand and, unfortunately, today it’s a most popular political pass time. Consider the legions of radical activists who obviously don’t believe in the causes for which they claim to be fighting. (READ MORE from Jerome Huyler: The Limited Government We Don’t Have)

(1)  The woke progressives who are busy fighting for Environmental Social Governance (ESG) couldn’t possibly believe that humanity confronts an imminent global climate crisis and that a cataclysmic event will soon occur if we don’t immediately curtail the emission of CO2 gases.

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