Latin American Leftists Melt Down over Javier Milei's Victory in Argentina


The unprecedented victory of Argentine libertarian economist Javier Milei in Sunday’s presidential election prompted a wave of outrage and dismay among Latin American leftists.

Milei defeated socialist and outgoing Economy Minister Sergio Massa on Sunday by more than 11 percentage points, becoming not just the world’s first libertarian president but also the most-voted president in Argentina’s history, with more than 14.4 million votes.

Milei was immediately congratulated by leaders from the region and the world for his outstanding victory, including former President Donald Trump, who posted the slogan “Make Argentina Great Again” on his Truth Social media platform.

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Javier Milei via Storyful

The mood was far more somber among the region’s leftists.

The most notable leftist meltdown over Milei’s landslide victory came from Colombia’s far-left President Gustavo Petro. Petro, known for causing international incidents with his prolific tweeting, lamented Milei’s victory mere minutes after Massa conceded the presidency. Massa notably conceded before official election results were announced.

“The extreme right has won in Argentina; it is the decision of its society.

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