Kanye West Releases First Single Since 'Nazi' Meltdown: 'How I’m Antisemitic? I Just F**ked a Jewish B*tch'


A year after his career imploded, Kanye West still appears to be unrepentant about his antisemitism.

In his new single “Vultures,” which debuted Friday, the rapper thumbs his nose at the controversy that all but destroyed his music and fashion empire late last year.

The lyrics in question jump out approximately halfway through the song’s four-and-a-half minute runtime.

“How I’m antisemitic? I just fucked a Jewish bitch,” West raps. Later, he boasts of sleeping with his former manager Scooter Braun’s ex-wife. “I just fucked Scooter’s bitch,” the line continues.

“Vultures” reportedly debuted late Friday night in a broadcast on WPWX Power 92 Chicago. The single is not yet available to purchase for streaming, though pirated versions have appeared on YouTube and other platforms.

The single also features rappers  Ty Dolla $ign, Lil Durk, and Bump J.

West’s career imploded last year when he made a series of antisemitic remarks — including praising Adolf Hitler — causing his corporate partners, including Adidas, to cut ties with him.

Others who headed for the exits included Foot Locker, Balenciaga, Vogue magazine,

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