'It Means So Much': Single Mom Gifted New Car by Idaho Secret Santa


The notoriously generous “Secret Santa” of eastern Idaho is keeping the gift-giving going with yet another heroic donation made to a struggling single mom.

The anonymous donor teamed up with the East Idaho News team to give out $1 million this Christmas season and chose Mary as the next deserving person to help.

Mary is “essentially caught in a rock and a hard place,” East Idaho News’s Nate Eaton reported.

She was a computer teacher at a public charter school for many years, putting in many extra unpaid hours after school, on weekends, and over summers to help students learn. In addition to teaching the local youth, Mary is a caretaker for her legally blind 22-year-old daughter as well as her elderly parents. She also supports her teenage son. 

Mary’s mother recently had two knee replacements, which require physical therapy aftercare, and her dad also has an injured knee. The former teacher transports everyone to their medical appointments and gets them everything they need, but medical bills are stacking up.

On top of all of that, both of her vehicles are “dying” and “require thousands of dollars to be usable.” The van she uses to drive her family is 25 years old with 372,00 miles,

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