Is Eric July the New Stan Lee With His Multi-Million-Dollar Rippaverse Comics?


Eric July took the comic world by storm, releasing his Isom #1 to unprecedented success. His graphic novel sold more than many Marvel and DC books on the stands, poising him as one of the few people who could pose an actual threat as a competitor to what the comic industry calls “The Big 2.” This week, July hit a milestone with his third comic, Alphacore, which garnered more than a million dollars in sales. This is the third book July’s released to do so.  

Alphacore is special because it features two A-List creators from Marvel and DC, Chuck Dixon and Joe Bennett, both of whom were blacklisted from those companies over their conservative politics. July hired Dixon to write and Bennett to draw the book, which spun out of his smash hit, Isom, deploying characters who made cameos in that book in their own adventures. Chuck Dixon said that Alphacore is a police procedural but for superheroes and the problems they face.

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PJ Media interviewed Eric July to tell us a little about his experience and what “Alphacore” is about. 

How did you get into comics and why do you think it’s such an important part of the cultural struggles going on right now? 

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