How Comrade Xi Just Made a Fool Out of Biden


When Presidentish Joe Biden and Communist Chinese strongman Xi Jinping virtually shook hands in San Francisco last week over a new agreement “to jointly tackle global warming by ramping up wind, solar, and other renewable energy with the goal of displacing fossil fuels,” Xi kept his left hand behind his back, fingers crossed, while smiling and thinking, “Shǎguā!”

In simplified Chinese, it looks like this: “傻瓜!” The English, roughly translated, is “sucker!”

And I’ve got the receipts to show what a sucker — or perhaps “stooge” might be the better word — Biden is for Xi’s “green” agenda.

(Any mistakes in translation are courtesy of Google.)

Despite public promises that both countries will “pursue efforts to triple renewable energy capacity globally by 2030” and “anticipate post-peaking meaningful absolute power sector emission reduction, in this critical decade of the 2020s,” Xi’s China will continue “mining record amounts of coal and also importing record volumes of coal as it looks to boost its energy security,” according to Tsvetana Paraskova at OilPrice.

There’s also that word “globally” that sticks out like a purple-haired vegan Green Nude Eel protestor at a Midland,

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