Holiday Season: Record Sales or Record Theft?


All across America, there is a new sense of entitlement that, unfortunately, has energized the criminal element. Liberal Democrats have infiltrated far too many American cities and have weakened and, in some cases, obliterated the justice systems. Revolving-door arrests, where criminals are placed right back on the streets, have placed honest, hard-working citizens in danger. 

One area where crime has literally ballooned out of control is in retail theft. In some cities the losses have become so great that well-known retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Nordstrom, and Kohls, just to name a few, have been forced to close down and leave. In other cases, retailers have been forced to put almost everything behind plexiglass, which forces honest consumers to be inconvenienced while a sales associate is contacted to open something that should not need to be locked down.

In this new wave of emboldened theft, no retailer is safe. Believe it or not, a huge black market has developed for cleaning products. Brand-name items have literally been cleaned off of the shelves by unrepentant thieves. Again, the result is that honest people suffer. A Giant Foods store located in Washington, D. C., has been forced to remove Tide laundry detergent,

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