Hamas Can Be Destroyed, but Can Islamic Supremacism Be Destroyed?


Most of what you have been told about the Palestine-Israel conflict is at best misleading, and much of the rest has no basis in fact. One common false claim involves the cause of the conflict. The underlying source of the conflict is not territory, human rights, or political autonomy; it is religion. The hundred-year Arab-Jewish war is a religious war.

None of the claims about the major sins of Israel stand up to a minimal scrutiny of evidence. The idea that there has been a genocide of Palestinians is contradicted by the major increase in the Palestinian population. The claim that Israel is an apartheid society is refuted by the full citizenship of Arab Israelis and their participation in every aspect of Israeli society. 

The designation of Jews as settler colonialists cannot stand given that Jews are the indigenous population of the Holy Land, living there more than a thousand years before the Arab invaders arrived in the 7th century. These weak arguments are put forward because the true religious and tribal reasons for Palestinian and Arab opposition to Israel are politically incorrect and could gain no support in the powerful West. 

Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement (Ḥarakat al-Muqāwamah al-ʾIslāmiyyah),

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