GREG GUTFELD: Any video that didn't fit the committee's narrative was ditched like one of Biden's grandkids


Happy Monday. Control yourself – put your pants back on! So let’s talk about January 6th. I know, I know. But was it really, as our mainstream media contends, 9/11 and Pearl Harbor rolled into one? Well, thanks to the new House speaker, Mike Johnson, video from inside the Capitol building was just released almost three years later, showing what many who attended the protests have been contending all along – that not only were the Capitol doors more open than Hunter’s nose on a Saturday night – but in many cases, the Capitol Police either escorted the protesters in like ushers at a wedding or stood by without objecting. Now, let’s be clear. No one’s defending the chaos on the Capitol, so spare me the “Gutfeld” supports insurrection tweets from substitute teachers in Brooklyn still traumatized by Trump b**** slapping Hillary into retirement. I may not support riots, but I do support the truth and we have the right to hear the whole story, especially when many of the protesters were veterans and average citizens who just wanted their voices heard and who’ve been prosecuted like they were Hamas. 

Actually, worse than if they were Hamas,

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