Florida city converts all public single-use restrooms to all-gender


A Florida city is converting 164 of its bathrooms into all-gender in a show of support to the LGBTQ+ community and trans youth.

St. Petersburg Mayor Ken Welch signed an executive policy Sept. 1 to convert all of its public single-occupancy, family restrooms or changing facilities in the city to “all-gender” restrooms. Signs indicating a specific gender will be replaced with ones that designate the bathrooms as all-gender restrooms by next March. Bathrooms with multiple stalls will remain separated into men’s and women’s.


“We’re eliminating gender identity restrictions and making them all gender so trans individuals feel safe using individual facilities,” the city’s LGBTQ+ Liaison Jim Nixon told the Tampa Bay Times. 

The town’s City Hall converted its single-use bathrooms to all-gender in 2017, according to Nixon, and an audit of city-owned bathrooms in parks and recreation facilities found the signage was inconsistent. 

“We just felt like this was a good opportunity to make that change since we had made it here in City Hall,” Nixon said. “It was just an opportunity that we had seen this becoming a bigger issue.”

The changes come after a new state law that went into effect over the summer that requires people to use the public bathroom that coincides with their biological sex. 

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