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It wasn’t the last column in this space — that one took a detour because somebody had to address the manifest awfulness of Nikki Haley — but the one before that introduced you, dear reader, to what might become an ongoing series.

Because the Left in America is now built on the failed proposition that magical thinking, the imagination of a human race that acts nothing like the current one does, can reflect reality if only enough time, money, and effort (and blood, because it always comes down to blood) are poured into the mix.

There are stupid things they want you to believe. They will do everything they can to force you to believe them. And many who don’t believe will simply accept the stupid things because, after all, who wants to be constantly fighting?

Except surrender doesn’t bring peace. It brings submission, dishonor, misery, and danger. And the people attempting to foist their lies atop your reality don’t have your best interests at heart.

So, as I said in Tuesday’s column, to truly know a thing you must name a thing. Let’s name five more of these stupid things.

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