EXCLUSIVE: Frank Pavone Explains How Democrats Influence American Bishops


“Everybody who knows the faith can see the difference between someone who’s proclaiming it and someone who’s trying to change it or silence it,” Fr. Frank Pavone, the head of pro-life organization Priests for Life, explained in exclusive comments to PJ Media about the removal of Bishop Strickland.

Catholics and non-Catholics alike were shocked and dismayed when Pope Francis removed Bishop Joseph Strickland, an outspoken voice in defending the faith and criticizing wokeness, from his position as Bishop of Tyler, Texas. I spoke to Pavone, who was previously laicized from the priesthood abruptly and without warning, about why traditional, pro-life clerics are targeted now even within the Church while leftist priests and bishops are ignored or promoted. Pavone also had words of advice for Catholics unsure how to act and whom to trust in this confusing time.

Pavone argued that the targeting both of himself and Bishop Strickland had to do with abortion — and the Democrats. “The Democrat Party in America has a lot of influence over certain bishops who end up being the troublemakers in all of this.” Pavone believes Francis doesn’t simply sit around deciding whom to target this week;

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