Exclusive: Fr. Pavone on Standing for Life in an Election Year


Frank Pavone, the head of Priests for Life, has a message for Catholics in particular and Republicans in general this election year: don’t compromise on the murder of unborn babies in abortion, anymore than you would admit extenuating circumstances for Hamas terrorists beheading babies. Rather, spread the facts about abortion and the compassionate pro-life aid waiting for every pregnant mother, he said in exclusive comments to PJ Media.

Arguing for compromise on abortion — allowing the murder of only some babies — is just like the attempted justification of Hamas terrorists beheading and dismembering babies and children in Israel, Fr. Pavone pointed out. “You don’t start calculating how much terrorism is okay,” Pavone noted. Nor do we quibble about whether an adult’s life should be sacred in one state but up for murder in another. What Republicans really need to do, since polls show that Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of at least some abortion restrictions, is improve their messaging this election year. Pavone recommended emphasizing both the left’s extremism on abortion and the compassion of conservatives who daily work to provide resources and love for pregnant mothers. “To run away from the issue is both politically unnecessary and morally unjustified,” he insisted.

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