Democrats Fracturing Over Aid to Israel


A growing number of congressional Democrats are discussing ways to condition U.S. aid to Israel on Israel’s humanitarian policies in Gaza.

It would be an unprecedented congressional action to require a certain kind of behavior from another nation’s military in order for aid to be forthcoming. In Israel’s case, a nation fighting for its existence, it’s equivalent to giving the United States a veto over IDF offensive operations in Gaza.

One of the Democrats’ usual anti-Israel suspects is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. He said on Saturday that desperately needed military aid to Israel should be conditioned on a “fundamental change in their military and political positions.”

The “conditions” include “an end to the indiscriminate bombing which has taken thousands of civilian lives and a significant pause in military operations,” allowing Gazans to return to their homes, and forbidding the “long-term Israeli re-occupation or blockade of Gaza.”

Sanders would also require an end to “settler violence” in the West Bank, and “a freeze on settlement expansion.” He’s also demanding a commitment to peace talks.

I’m sure Bernie will let us know if there’s anything else

.“While Israel has the right to go after Hamas,

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