Chris Christie Drags Bloated Carcass to Israel For Photo Op, Internet Destroys Him With Memes


Even when I came up with the awesome and seemingly obvious nickname Christ “Kristy Kreme” Christie and mused why Trump hasn’t employed it yet, I was convinced, and remain convinced, that somebody, somewhere must have thought of it before.

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Admittedly, making fun of Chris Christie for being a human-walrus hybrid is low-hanging fruit and low-brow entertainment. But if anyone deserves to be ruthlessly mocked for their gluttony and slovenness, it’s this guy.

Anyway, Christie, who has absolutely no chance of winning the GOP nomination because everyone hates him for being a Judas but who absolutely has a guaranteed MSNBC contributor gig and spot on the Raytheon board after his campaign implodes, took a trip to Israel for some photo-op action.

Via Associated Press (emphasis added):

Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie on Sunday visited Israel, saying the U.S. must stand “shoulder to shoulder” with Israel in its war against the Hamas militant group.

Christie toured a kibbutz that was ravaged in the Oct.

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