Black Chicagoans Rally Against Sanctuary Policies, Promise to Vote Republican


A group of black Chicago residents rallied on the city’s South Side to warn City Hall and the City Council that they are organizing to defeat any official that supports Mayor Brandon Johnson’s fealty to sanctuary city policies and the continued spending of millions on illegal aliens, even to the extent of voting for Republicans over the Democrat Party.

Speakers warned the city’s aldermen that they will be targeted for removal and that blacks in the areas so badly impacted by the onslaught of border crossers flooding into the city would even begin voting for Republicans and independents to defeat Democrats who are so sold-out to the illegal alien lobby.

The warnings came just ahead of a new policy from City Hall that will limit the freebies doled out to border crossers to 60 days in city shelters.

Mayor Johnson announced the new limitations after the Chicago City Council passed a 2024 budget in a vote of 41-8. The budget sets aside an additional $150 million to care for more than 21,200 illegals in the city, according to WTTW.

Johnson claimed that the new limits show that he will not “sacrifice the needs of Chicagoans in support of those who wish to become Chicagoans.”

“This approach that we have right here is to make sure we are addressing the anxiety and fear that people have,

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