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The “Letter to America” written by Osama bin Laden went viral on social media this week, shared by people who claimed the terrorist’s arguments precipitated an “existential crisis” and caused them to rethink everything they thought they knew. Honestly, we should have seen this coming.

Since Hamas attacked Israel last month, the progressive Left has consistently reminded us that this — terrorism — is what decolonization looks like. It was only a matter of time before leftists gave Osama bin Laden the same adulation as they do postcolonial thinkers Edward Said and Frantz Fanon. Sure, he orchestrated the 9/11 attacks, which killed nearly 3,000 people, injured more than 6,000 others, and fundamentally transformed American life — but, like, maybe the government just wants us to think that he was the bad guy. 

Terrorist Prompts ‘Existential Crisis’

Bin Laden’s newest fans have taken to TikTok to share his “Letter to America,” in which he explains why al-Qaeda attacked the United States. According to these social media users, his letter is a revelation: “It explains so much, and I guarantee it’s going to blow your mind.”

Now trending on social media (especially TikTok) people saying that after reading Bin Laden’s “Letter to America,” they now understand terrorism is a legitimate method of resistance against “oppression” and America deserved to be attacked of 9/11

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