Big Tech's Power: Dr. Robert Epstein's Eye-Opening


Unveiling Big Tech’s Power: Dr. Robert Epstein’s Eye-Opening Insights on The Roger Stone Show

Join us, Dr. Robert Epstein, on another episode of “The Roger Stone Show,” a renowned research psychologist and vocal critic of big tech’s influence on society. With his extensive background in psychology and technology, Dr. Epstein brings to light how tech giants, especially Google, manipulate public opinion and votes.

Dr. Epstein shares his journey from a curious programmer to a critical researcher, uncovering Google’s far-reaching impact in the interview. His controlled experiments reveal alarming shifts in public opinions and voting preferences, indicating a significant threat to democratic processes.

He discusses his startling discovery: Google can shift millions of election votes without public awareness or leaving a paper trail. Dr. Epstein emphasizes the urgency of protecting democratic integrity against such covert influences.

With anecdotes and detailed research findings, Dr. Epstein and Roger Stone explore the depths of big tech’s power and its implications for democracy. This interview is a must-listen for anyone concerned about the integrity of our social and political systems in the digital age.

Dr. Robert Epstein’s insights on The Roger Stone Show shed light on the hidden mechanisms of significant tech influence.

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