Biden Keeps Shoveling Money to Iran Despite Everything


Joe Biden is still holding out hope that Iran will come back to the table and that he can take credit for renegotiating the nuclear agreement that his old Boss Barack Obama signed off on. It’s a useless gesture, and Biden knows it. If Iran doesn’t have a nuclear weapon by now, it soon will with or without the agreement. 

But Biden would see re-signing the nuclear deal as the crowning achievement of his presidency.

That’s my theory, anyway. How else can you explain Biden giving Iran access to a $10 billion account in an Omani bank to buy “humanitarian” goods?

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken signed an extension to a 120-day waiver that allows Iraq to buy electricity from Iran. The money is in an escrow account in Oman, and Blinken says that the U.S. has the final say in how the money is disbursed.

This is the same gambit Blinken tried with the $6 billion in frozen Iranian funds that were kept in South Korea, transferred to Qatar, and then supposedly disbursed with U.S. approval. Except there was no guarantee that Qatar would prevent Iran from accessing the money,

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