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Last week, President Biden and his State Department renewed a waiver of sanctions on Iran selling electricity to Iraq. That waiver, first granted in July and now renewed, gives Iran access to a $10 billion account held in Oman.

We are at an inflection point in world affairs. That point will be in November 2024 when we choose our next president.

Once Iran is given access to these funds they supposedly convert them into Euros to spend on non-sanctioned products such as food. Anyone who believes the Iranians will only buy food with that money is a fool.

We need to understand the context of Biden’s latest sanctions waiver.

About two weeks ago, Biden let sanctions against Iran’s missile programs lapse without so much as a public statement justifying the action. In September, Biden paid the ayatollahs $6 billion in ransom for U.S. hostages. Biden reportedly froze that money in Qatari banks after public outrage at the ransom payment, so Iran supposedly can’t reach that money.(READ MORE from Jed Babbin: Ukraine Is Stalemated Again)

But there’s nothing to prevent the Qataris from “lending” Iran the $6 billion,

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