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Dear Ms. Owens,

I have never met you but have admired you from your emergence in the public eye, as during that early Congressional hearing and your early debates on Fox with Cornell West. You are a superstar. I would write you privately if I knew how to reach you, but I don’t. Therefore, because I am blessed to write for The American Spectator, I hope this letter reaches you.

As we prepare for the 2024 fateful presidential election that either will restore American greatness or hasten its downward trajectory, we must be one team.

I am an Orthodox rabbi of 41 years, a recent lung-transplant survivor at age 70, and national vice president of Coalition for Jewish Values, who represent 2,500 traditional rabbis. I also am a law professor of 20 years. Much of my last decade’s work and opinion can be found here. (And, yes, I long have supported Tucker Carlson.) But this is not about me. It is about my reaching out to you. (READ MORE from Dov Fischer: From the River to the Sea, Palestine Indeed Will Be Free)

I admire that you are proudly religious.

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