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Ya gotta love the absolute unawareness of the New York Times

The other day, columnist Jamelle Bouie headlined

Trump Wants Us to Know He Will Stop at Nothing in 2025 

In the column, Bouie expresses his alarm at what a reelected President Donald Trump would do — apparently seriously unaware that presidents from Washington to Biden have been doing what Bouie says he fears Trump would do if reelected.

Bouie writes:

Over the past few weeks, we’ve gotten a pretty good idea of what Donald Trump would do if given a second chance in the White House. And it is neither exaggeration nor hyperbole to say that it looks an awful lot like a set of plans meant to give the former president the power and unchecked authority of a strongman.

Trump would purge the federal government of as many civil servants as possible. In their place, he would install an army of political and ideological loyalists whose fealty to Trump’s interests would stand far and above their commitment to either the rule of law or the Constitution.

Um … hello?

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